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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Translation: Joel's Rainbow World

Portals to another World
by Joel Jan Loenen

Joel and Papa are drawing. Joel draws a colorful arch.

What a beautiful rainbow, says Papa.

Yes, Joel says. I'm going to draw another and yet another. These are the portals to another world.

Everybody knows that rainbows mark the entrance to Joel's Rainbow World. Through the rainbow portals, a world filled with fantastic things awaits.

Here, fairies dance. Unicorns, galactic dogs, stars dressed in the clothes of humans, vanished and found giant space ships all have their home here.

Make bright red rainbows, Joel says. I love bright colored rainbows.

Here in Rainbow land, God the father can play hide-and-seek. There, he can become as tiny as he wishes or as big as he wishes.

Let's make rainbows with other colors, Papa says.

Oh, says Joel. That's beautiful too.

All the animals in Joel's Rainbow World think the rainbow portals are absolutely beautiful.

What about an orange rainbow? Papa asks.

Good, says Joel.

Everyone loves it in Rainbow World. Here is God the father who tries to hide his long ear.

Long ear? What's that? Asks Mama.

That is God's ear, Joel says. Of course, he has to have long ears so that he can hear all the prayers of everyone in the world.

I'm now going to paint rainbow waves, says Joel. Rainbow waves are pretty. They make the land beautiful. Blue clouds and a blue sun float in the sky.

A blue sun? Asks Papa.

Yes, says Joel. Paint a blue sun.

Papa paints a blue sun with blue beams.

Will you also put in the people who are dead and who have gone to live with God in Heaven? Joel asks.

Papa makes marks on the paper. Marks that point the way to Joel's Rainbow land.

So, says Joel. Now, everything is beautiful in Rainbow land.

Write your name, says Papa.

J- says Joel


Now, that's beautiful.


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At 11:53 PM, Blogger Ash'man said...

Wow. Makes me wish I had a blog when I was 6 ^_^. Very interesting and amusing. Hope to read more from you soon!

At 3:47 AM, Blogger joel jan loenen said...

Joel says: Okay. If you give me more games for my gameboy, I will write some more. Greetings from Joel.


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