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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The Angry Giant and the Dwarf
by Joel Jan Loenen

One day, the giant went on a walk. Suddenly, he thought that he wanted to play with the dwarf. So, he went to Dwarf's house and knocked as hard as he could on the door.

The Dwarf opened the door.

"Hallo," said the Dwarf. "How are you, Giant?"

"May I play with you?" asked the Giant.

But Dwarf said, "No. I have to wash the windows and I have to paint the walls of my house. I have to vacuum and I have to clean the chimney and then I have to bake a delicious cake."

"And what else?" asked the Giant.

"I want to make food for all the dwarf children."

"And," said the Giant. "Is it now down?"

"No," said the Dwarf. "I have to set the table because Grandpa and Grandma are coming. I have to stay here for the children because one of them is having a birthday and I have to decorate everything and prepare a present."

"Ok," said the Giant. "I'll come back tomorrow."

In the morning, Giant ran to Dwarf's house.

"Ok," said the Dwarf. "I'll do what I promised. You may play with me."

But when they went to play with the train inside his home, the little boy came and said:
"I want the Giant to go away because he makes so much noise."

"Now I am being sent away," said the Giant. "I'll just go and read my Donald Duck book."

He was angry, and so he just went away and read a book.


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