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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Joel's hay(na)ku

Blauwe zon weerspiegelt
drie vechtende

Blue sun reflects
three fighting


kom je bij
mij koffie

come visit me
have some


Ben lekker bezig
met Patty

Ik vraag me
af waarom

vind ik
het heel leuk.


kijk naar de blauwe zon.


I am taking Physiotheraphy with Patty. I wonder why, but still I like it.


Look at the blue sun.


Mother's note:

Don't ask me why, but Joel seems to like having a blue sun instead of a yellow one.

I'm quite surprised to discover how concentrated and determined Joel can be when he sets his mind to a task. It's amazing to see him at work. Drawing two arrows crossed over each other was difficult for him, but he kept going until he was satisfied he had it right.

Patty says, Joel's concentration amazes her.

And like all his other teachers, she thinks he doesn't talk like a kid his age. But maybe that comes from living among grown-ups...


At 9:18 PM, Blogger Ash'man said...

Blue suns are cool. They're older than yellows I think and usually bigger. I played around in my head for a few months or a year trying to figure how I could create this imaginary world that had two suns - a yellow and a blue. Who knows, maybe after some years I'd get to write a book with it, or I could send the details to your mom ^_^


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