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Friday, March 24, 2006

Part Two – Joel’s Rainbow World

That morning in Rainbow Land, God the father stood up because it was time to wake up and go to church. The Lord God was allowed to preach because he was the Lord God and he lived in the temple.

It was a beautiful temple. It gleamed with gold and the old builders built the temple long ago in 1978 and when Joel wrote this story, Joel lived on a rocket station and he was prepared to reach Rainbow Land.

When he sat in the temple, it began to storm with lightning and thunder.

The Lord God could not preach, so he said, “I’m going outside to tell the lightning and thunder to stop.”

And that’s what he did.

But there was an evil person and he wanted to hurt the Lord God.

But the Lord God was more powerful than the evil person and he changed the bad person into a good person. So, the good person became a builder and he was allowed to join the reserve builders team.

That’s how it happened. The reserve army of builders assumed that they had to work. They made a very big barn to keep all of the Lord God’s things in. Huge bikes, autos and one thing the Lord God loved so much, the clouds and a shirt made out of clouds.

And the Lord Jesus was with the Lord God in the Heaven.

One day, an old priest arrived.

The Lord God on his throne, asked what the priest wanted, and the priest begged for a blessing and the priest got a blessing and all the people stood and watched when he received the blessing. Now that he was blessed, all the people looked at him.

One day, it rained and everyone was wet in Rainbow Land, so Jesus assumed that he would eat in the auto with the Lord God. Someone thought of a very good plan. It was an old boy and the old boy said, Why don’t we make a camping tent for the Lord God.

The Lord God thought that was a good plan.

They built and built and built.

And then, they were both satisfied with the tent.


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