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Friday, April 21, 2006

joel's solution to poverty

( I am working on a collaboration with my Mama. I thought about some solutions to poverty and Mama is writing a poem about it. Here is a bit of an excerpt. )

someday, I will build machines that make toys instead of guns, and when I am president, I'll transform military copters into distributing machines carrying food, clothing, toys and furniture to people in poor countries.

Here's something Mama wrote:

He'll make robots
cash machines

transfigure air
with his touch.

wave his hand
to create

so simple
at this age

is impossible
no dream unattainable

he can be
he can

all he wants
he dreams

( it's not yet finished. We will post it here or somewhere else when it is done.) Thanks for visiting my blog. I will write another story soon. And to my Uncle JJ, if you have time to look for a gameboy game for me, that will be nice. Give my kisses to my cousin Siobhan. I am bringing her a doll and plenty of things.


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