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Monday, November 06, 2006

Translation of Joel's Superchicken story -- part one

There was once a chicken who lived in a nice house, but the chicken did not know that his house was a hot air balloon and that it flew. He also didn’t know that it was freezing.

The chicken cried:

“Mom, Dad.”

But it was too late, because the little chicken flew in the air.

“Where are we going to?” asked the little chicken.

“To a restaurant,” said the chef.
But the chicken came loose and he fluttered around and around and he bit into the balloon so that they fell down. So, the chicken came free and was called, Superchicken! Superchicken!

Superchicken danced forwards, backwards, left and right. And he clucked and he clucked and he crowed, and when he was done, he fell asleep because he was tired.

Superchicken went to his warm nest, but there were more hunters and they took Superchicken with them in a car to a restaurant wagon on the train. But Superchicken used his beak and put a hole in the wheels of the car, and Superchicken was named, Super, super, superchicken.

He sprung into a tree and saved a child in a superchicken stunt.

“I am so strong,” he said.

For three nights, he fell asleep, and it begun to storm. Everyone screamed.

“Oooo…a tornado.”

They called Mr. Black, the policeman, and told him that the wind was headed in their direction.

But Superchicken woke up and he saved everyone and he was called Superchicken to the tenth power.

And Superchicken fell asleep.

------------------------------end of part one-------------------------------


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